Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A typical dinnertime.

Took some videos at dinnertime tonight, of our fun little circus. Dani, the perpetual star of all videos, is 18 months old today. Can't believe how fast the time flies. It seems like just yesterday that I was blogging about little Miss Fussy, and talking about Dani as the fussy one..instead of Tori. Now, she's tearing through the house, talking her head off. She charms the pants off of everyone she meets, and laughs all the time. She's got a hair trigger temper, but can be distracted into giggles quite easily. I adore my Dani.

Tonight, Dani decided she liked ketchup, so Big Man put a little bit on the high chair, and instead of dipping things into it, she leaned over and just put her face right into it and licked it up. OF COURSE, as soon as I got the camera, she decided she didn't want to do it anymore. But, there's still much cuteness to be seen in the two vids.

Here's the second one, a few minutes later...little miss chatterbox.

She certainly makes our dinnertime entertaining!

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