Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Older sister wins, today.

Tori spent some awake time on the couch today, snuggling with Dani's stuffed chicken. I wondered how well Dani would handle Tori's first time with something of Dani's. To date, Dani hasn't been too interested with Tori, other than to say baby, or kiss her, but the attention span is brief. Here's Tori with Dani's chicken. Dani notices that Tori has the goods and tries to grab the chicken!
Mommy tells Dani to share with her sister. Dani says ok, looks to be sharing per mommy's instruction.
Dani tries to distract mommy with shows of affection for the baby. Dani, the girl with the ulterior motive. Dani says, SUCKA, I got the chicken!!! (Tori smiles at the irony...she really just wanted Dani's love and didn't care about the chicken.)

Fun times.

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