Sunday, June 20, 2010

Don't shoot!

Instead of daddy-Dani matching shirts this Father's Day (last year I got them Batman t-shirts), this year we went with Dani-Tori matching outfits for the Big Man. It was all part of a plan that Dani cooked up.

We went with the cop theme (read the onesies).

Here's Dani telling Tori the plan...(Tori, we are going to play cops for daddy, okay? Just do whatever I tell you to do.)
(Now Tori, since you're just a baby, I need to give you a gun safety lesson before I can let you hold your gun. Never put it in your mouth, okay-like this-don't do it.)

(OK, now I will hold my gun pointed at the bad guy and you keep yours at your hip Tori, because you are just backing me up on this one.)
(Now, you get to be the bad cop Tori, yell at the bad guy, then I will be his friend and he will confess. That's a great angry face, Tori!)

(Hey Tori, now I will put my hands in the air, just like a bad guy and then you can practice cuffing me. You're pretty good at playing this cops and robbers game.)
(OK, now Tori, make your toughest face and pretend you're punching into your palm. Good work! Nobody's gonna mess with us!)

Big Man--you're the best daddy and husband; we love you sooo much--on Father's Day and everyday!
And Happy Father's Day to my dad, the bestest grandPA!

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