Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's all coming together.

Baby's room is pretty much set up. (notice the free glider and ottoman we scored from the lawyer guy--way better quality than I would have actually paid for)

We are organized (kind of). (Do plastic bins count?)
We have clothes. (No newborn stuff though, figuring on a big baby.)
We have wipes. (And more wipes.)
We have diapers and assorted creams. (And the little newborn diapers actually smell like baby powder!)
We have baby wash, and a baby bathtub. (Although my first purchase of wash was apparently not for use until 3 months, so I had to get something tamer.)
We have baby bottles, bottle washers, bottle storage, etc. (And pumps and containers and bags, oh my!)

Now, we just need the baby!

(Yes, I know that the stuffed animals can't stay in the bassinet. I just tossed them in for the photo. I would have used one of the cats, but Big Man would have a fit if he thought I let one of our animals (gasp!) come into contact with something our baby might sleep in! **although if we had a dog, I am sure it would be different**)

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Andromeda said...

so exciting!!!!! i can't wait to see pics of the sweetness!