Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big day out.

In about a half an hour, Dani and I are going to a restaurant. This is the first time I'm really trying it, and am meeting my friend Debby at a pizza place in Gloversville. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Apologies in advance to anyone who may be dining at Plaza Pizza and Pasta today. There's about to be a screaming hell baby on the loose.

We got up early today to get ready for our big outing.

We had a bath--Dani was splashing and having fun. I took a full body shot, but feel a little about posing full frontal of my kid on the internet. :)

Then we dried off with Dani's new Little Bears Fan towel, a present for Big Man from his pal Bill.

And, to signify the big day, Dani's wearing actual clothes--pants and a shirt--no sleepers here!

Daddy came home from work and made us all breakfast, and hung out for awhile--lots of fun. We tried out Dani's high chair, which dwarfs her right now, but she will fill it up soon enough!

OK, we're off! Hope our ladies lunch goes well!


debbyk said...

Dani was a perfect lady during lunch! Great to see you both - let me know when she's ready to do girls day again.

Sarah said...

This makes me afraid to ask if Debby behaved herself. I know how she can get in public. There was this one time....