Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three months ago...

A little close up for you. (And yes, a new sleeper, size 6M, and she pretty much fills out the length. Look at those sweet, brown eyes.
I put the cat (Scrubbie) on the chair with Dani, but he wanted no part of participating in picture time. This is what I was able to catch of of him jumping off the chair, while Dani watches.

Three months ago...my kiddo was born. Time sure flies! Doc visit Thursday, so we will have the latest stats about Dani's progress. She is currently almost too long for 6 month clothes!

We have house showings Wednesday and Thursday--keep your fingers crossed for us! Because moving with a baby would be fun. Right?

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Andromeda said...

we moved 2 times before the Dictator was 6 months. yeah, it's great fun. i recommend it for anyone who likes to put themselves through hell. but hey, it will be an adventure, right?