Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy week ahead.

Life's been rough. As you can see there's no stove in my kitchen, so I've been unable to cook and we've had to order out. :) New stove should be delivered tomorrow.As always, Dani's always smiling for Daddy! As for me:
I have to take testimony from witnesses in 3 different cases this week. All and all it should be prosecuting or defending about 8 depositions. This will involve regional travel on Monday and Friday, and lots of time and preparation. I don't have much deposition experience, and am a little nervous, particularly because I can't really get any work done until Big Man wakes up and takes over, or until Dani sleeps, which does not seem likely at the moment. But she's smiley and happy and just so darn cute!

I've been digging out all the stuff we got when she was tiny, or before she was born and it's like getting presents all over again! Here's two "new" rattles that just got unearthed! And, because mommy's in charge, crazy baby hair!

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