Friday, March 6, 2009

Just call me Farmer B.

Yesterday, I purchased 4 shares of a CSA farm. For only $300, I will receive 20 weeks of produce and eggs (and fresh cut flowers) all locally grown from a farm that uses organic practices but is not certified organic.

Once per week, starting in mid-June, I will go to the farm (about 5 miles from my home) and pick up my week's supply of freshly picked and locally grown fruits and vegetables. They are even going to have a CSA "trade" table so if you don't like a particular vegetable you can trade it for other stuff. I'm excited--we are just about to start Dani on cereal, and by summer, she should be eating veggies--ones that (if they don't come out of a baby food jar) I have steamed and mushed up.

The guy who ran the farmstand right by my house just retired, so I had to do something. And, since I spent all the money up front (read: sucka) I will feel obligated to go out and get my harvest each week. Of course you take on the risks of a shitty harvest and bad weather, but, I am helping a local farmer. I'm pretty excited.
Tomorrow's Big Man's birthday, and I'm going to prepare a Martha Stewart Living recipe from this month's issue (I only subscribed because it was $15 for the whole year). A beef brisket with savory vegetables. David and Gail are coming over, and it is day one of the marked calendar days for making baby number 2.
I brought the baby to the grocery store tonight just to get the dinner items for tomorrow. She's really getting fussy around folks that aren't Big Man or me, and we just can't have that. She was dream at the grocery store, in her car seat just chillin' in the shopping cart. Strangers were actually commenting and cooing. No lie. This is a big THANKS DANI because incompetent mommy forgot the pacifier, so if she HAD had a meltdown, I would have been forced to wheel her to the baby aisle, open a package of pacifiers, open it, and hope not to get popped for shoplifting before I could purchase it upon checkout. No lie. My kid is flippin' addicted to sucking on everything from her bink to her hand to her shirt or a rattle or whatever else you will give her, and I leave the house with nothing for her to suck. And lord knows that psycho mommy would NEVER let Dani suck her finger (even as a last resort) once it had touched the germy nasty shopping cart. Suffice it to say that Dani was a champ!
Anyway, you didn't come here for me to yammer, you came to see this kid:

Yes, she still fits in the stripey sleeper and we don't have any other covers for the Boppy pillow. Deal.

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