Friday, March 13, 2009

Please don't buy my kid these toys!

**I am not funny enough to make this shiz up.
From the world of inappropriate toys for kids comes:

Little Red Riding Ho Barbie. Truly available at Toys R Us and described this way:Product Description--Introducing the Barbie collector doll Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf doll giftset. The classic story of Little Red Riding Hood gets a thoroughly modern twist! Barbie doll wears a super sassy costume complete with short pleated red skirt, stylish matching cape, fitted white bodysuit, black lace-up vest, black fishnet knee-high stockings, and red trimmed black heels. Accompanying basket includes bread and magazines. Yikes! A super scary wolf in stylish threads joins Barbie doll on the way to grandma's house.

I guess the good news is that Mattel recommends this doll for ages 6 and up, certainly the appropriate age for fishnets and heels!
And, in the world of blow up toys. Dani won't be blowing up one of these anytime soon!

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