Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Shakedown.

Yes, I am shaking you down, dear reader (Dad).

I am going to participate in the Alzheimer's Walk, and if everyone that reads my blog donates $5, then I will raise $5 (thanks Dad!).

In this economy, I realize that every dollar is precious, and we all have our causes. I say no to lots of donation requests, so no pressure. But, if you wanted to forego the morning latte and give me a buck or two, it will help research efforts for a cure.

And, just think of the cute pics I will have to post of Dani and I walking on May 3! Hopefully, this will be a link to my donation site (and as you can see, I'm the only donor so far...I will update it if you donate!):

Click Here to Donate

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