Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Birth Day Contest.

Okay reader.

A baby's birth day contest!

Winner gets a prize, and I don't just mean the opportunity to babysit!

1. Baby's weight.
Tiebreaker is:
2. Time baby actually gets delivered.

Good luck.

FYI, Big Man predicts under 8 lbs. and I'm going with over 8lbs. Full disclosure: we have absolutely no basis for our guesses!


Bill said...

8.5lbs... 3:15pm delivery.

Good luck!! I can't wait to see pictures of the little angel!

debbyk said...

9.2 lbs...4:22 p.m.

debbyk said...

Just like I said...OK, I meant 8.1 early in the morning - SHE'S GORGEOUS!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Rest, 'cause it's the last you'll get for awhile! I am soooooo happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet her