Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mommy update.

I head to the OB today for a post-surgery incision check. I'm feeling pretty okay, still quite sore around the middle.

I am pleased to report that today, I put on (a) my wedding band and engagement ring; and (b) my pre-pregnancy jeans--and they are roomy!

Now, let's preface this by saying I was a little fatty-pants before I got pregnant. But, I was very careful during the pregnancy to watch what I ate, and to minimize the baby weight gain, which was recommended by my doc due to my ample pre-pregnancy size. For the past two weeks, I've also tried to not let the baby stress make me eat a ton, and I realize that I can't keep eating for two (which was fun while it lasted). So, the doctor will perform the official weigh-in at 1:45pm today, but my scale reports that I weigh about 15 pounds less than I did when I got weighed on my 4/11/08 positive pregnancy test day.

Now, if I can just keep that progress up, and have another similar pregnancy, I should be in pretty decent shape...now remember, horizonal stripes are not a fat girl's friend.Notice the Christmas tree--it's up, there are presents underneath it, only there are NO ornaments! Well, there's one--Tara sent us a "Baby's First Christmas" which made it to the tree, but the rest are still in the basement! Oh well, the lights are pretty enough.

***update, 9pm; went to the OB, weighed 19 pounds less than my 4/11/08 7 week ultrasound...even better! (ate a whole frozen pizza for dinner, though, so 15 pounds probably more accurate now!)

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Royal-T said...

This is GREAT news! So glad that Mom, Baby (& Dad too) are healthy!

Now wait a second...beep-beep, back up the bus...similar pregnancy??? Should your faithful readers (B's Dad) be watching for some type of announcement in the not so distant future? Hmmmm...