Monday, December 22, 2008

Hopefully over the rough patch.

We've had a rough couple of days. Dani's been fussy and miserable and not sleeping and screeching and crying and driving mommy insane. In fact, mommy has been fussy and miserable and not sleeping and crying too, probably because she's not sleeping.

We learned a lot of things about babies in the last few days. Some of these things came from the book, Happiest Baby on the Block, graciously sent to me by my Uncle John and Aunt Beth, and some things from our local grandma emeritus Debi.

Things we were doing wrong:
1. feeding the baby lying down--using the positions learned from the breasfeeding nazi at the hospital, despite the fact we were using a bottle (which introduces air to the process).
2. not taking a burp break during a feeding.
3. not being diligent in making sure that she burps enough after a feeding, ie giving up too soon, and probably leaving little gas bubbles in her tummy (ouchie!).
4. immediately laying her down to change her diaper after feeding, again, not enough vertical-ish time.5. not noticing that she was sucking pretty hard on the newborn flow nipples and probably getting says it is for newborns, and the next size is for one month plus so it never occurred to me to change. She got a little blister on her lip yesterday from the newborn nipple, and so I upgraded the size this morning (2 weeks early!) and boy did she have an easier time.

Happier baby = happier mommy. Happier mommy = happier daddy.

We also had a bath with lots of water in it, because baby is sans umbilical cord--she actually seemed to enjoy it!

She was perky and playful this afternoon, which was fun! She had her first round of tummy time, and enjoyed it. In fact, she lifted her head and turned it from one side to the other so she could look around! Not bad for 13 days old!

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