Thursday, December 11, 2008

Flying solo.

I originally thought I was going to get discharged today--knew it was a 3 day visit, and counted the birth day as day one. Learned yesterday that I'd be here until Friday.

Apparently we are going to get a nasty storm very soon and lasting into tomorrow. So, Big Man headed home to take care of some business, like making sure we have salt, etc., taking out the garbage, etc. Then he's going to head to his place of work and add baby to the insurance and just handle some shizzle for us!
He's going to bring the breasteeding friendly bottles as the ones here are really hard, and I think Dani will do better with the ones I have at home. The ol' milk's starting to come in (hello rack!) and I am going to try to pump in the AM to see whether we can incorporate some of nature's goodness into the feeding regime.......feel way less stressed about it today, and am hopeful there will be a happy medium to find.

So, I'm flying solo! Just changing diapers and singing silly songs.

Enjoy the photo, I look like a 12 year old without makeup.

I realize that the baby probably looks the same to you today, but she is getting some more color, and is less puffy and generic-baby looking. More later.

I have lots of great photos with Daddy, but as you know, they are banned from the blog in their original, unedited state. And, I'm on the new work laptop (with the OK from Bob) and don't have the photo software I need.........officer friendly will return this weekend.

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Jhey Fem said...

Congrats!! So glad everyone is healthy and well. She is beautiful! We are so happy for you all.