Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day two, well, day one and a half I guess.

Let's just say that the past 24 hours were not as cute and cuddly as the mommy kitty below.
So, we had a rough night. A really rough night.

Like every wrench does not fit every bolt, every boobie does not fit every baby...and we sure found that out the hard way.
Baby was super fussy all day yesterday. Crying, screeching, turning red, etc., despite my feeding and patting, etc. We sent Dani to the nursery so we could get some sleep around midnight. We did not sleep. The nursery kept sending her back and telling me to feed her. Baby screeching; Big Man twisting my girl parts into a variety of balloon animal shapes to try to get them to fit into the baby's mouth so she will latch. Me, crying hysterically while the RN also tries to help fit the Philips head nipple into the flat head baby mouth opening. Baby latches for .02 seconds and then lets go so she can scream and wail.

Even with all of the help, we failed. So, at 3:15am we gave Dani a bottle of formula. It was like magic. She stopped crying. She was probably starving before that and wondering why no one would feed her.
We tried to go back to breastfeeding today, and they sent in a lactation consultant (aka breastfeeding nazi) and even with her help, we failed to feed the baby. So, she's had bottles all day, and she is like a whole new lady. For the first 2 feedings, I tried to nurse first as instructed by the breastfeeding nazi, on each side just to try to see if it would work (it didn't). Then, they brought out a pump, just to see whether my girl parts could possibly hurt any more. Short of adding Tabasco sauce, there was about no worse pain in that area that I could imagine.

So, I quit the pump, and we just gave her another bottle, without trying the au naturel way first. We are going to let the nice ladies in the nursery feed her bottles all night, because did I mention, we haven't slept yet??? We will see how I feel in the morning about trying again.

BUT, my baby was content today. She slept; she was held, sure she cried, but babies cry. I was not a crying wreck and actually enjoyed my baby. Her tummy was full and happy all day long.

Jackie H was baby's first visitor, followed by Christine, and then Gail and Shannon, and Nancy!

Big Man just fed her, and she has the hiccoughs, which is just about the cutest thing ever.
I have never been this exhausted ever. But she's even cuter today. I just want to give her about a million kisses all over her cute little body! Who knew you could love something that much!
Do not make Dani angry. You won't like her when she's angry. This was the 9pm diaper check:

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Wes & Bethany! Way to go! We are thrilled for the two of you to begin this new adventure in your lives. Wes - like Bethany said, you were meant to be a dad and we couldn't be happier for you! You are both going to be fabulous parents together. Dani (LOVE her name!) is precious & absolutely beautiful and we look forward to the day we can meet her! Sending our hugs across the miles!
Love, Shannon & Mason