Sunday, December 21, 2008

Screw you AGAIN DirecTV!!!

I officially hate DirecTV.

Today is Sunday. Our first Sunday with the HD set up and the football ticket. Big Man turns on the TV, and for some reason we have the football ticket channels, but not the football ticket in HD! At the same time, I open my DirecTV bill and its $333!!! WTF?

Now, I've posted about the saga when we signed up for HD on November 15, and had to wait until December 15 for the install. What I didn't know at the time is that DirecTV charged our credit card $214 on November 15 for the HD dish we didn't have yet. Then they decided to charge me again on the December statement. Fun times!

So we call DirecTV, and a polite woman acknowledges (after I look up the date and exact amount of payment) that they have charged us twice and they "don't know why". So, she credits us, and now our bill is $118.24, which I can live with. I just wasted 20 minutes of my life, but okay.

So I mention to her that we have a second problem and it is that we can't watch the football ticket in HD because we are getting an error message. We've missed valuable minutes of football trying to reboot the system to no avail. She explains that while we have the HD package, and the football ticket, that if we want the football ticket in HD we have to purchase the "superfan" upgrade, which, for the final two weeks of the season costs $69.99! WTF??? We already paid about $300 for the football ticket, and over $200 for the HD upgrade, plus they are soaking us for more money each month for the HD programming, and now we have to PAY MORE to watch the football games in HD??? This is bullshizzle. We said not no, but hell no. And now we are watching low-def football on our big screen and it looks LIKE TOTAL CRAP!

This cable/dish monopoly on certain sports is so unfair because there is no competition.

We can't live without the football ticket. (and certainly not without HD.)

I feel like we are getting extorted.

Hey DirecTV, you could have kissed me first! (before you ****ed me!)

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