Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby's first cosmo.

Not really. That would make me a bad mom. Plus, she can't really hold a martini glass without spilling.
But baby's first trip to a restaurant/bar!

You know it's been a HELLISH week when I don't post all week. (Sorry Dad.)
Workwise, life has been so hectic and stressful that my tummy aches. I've been in the office around 7am, and have gone non stop (so much for more family friendly!). Stopped home after a city court trial yesterday to have a mini-meltdown, while Big Man tried to get Dani to smile so I would stop crying. But on the flip side, I've gotten some great referrals from a local businesswoman, and it looks like she and I are going to have a good working relationship, and that, ideally, a number of shared clients! That feels good. And, there's a class action our firm is working on in Phoenix--and looks like Dani and I will get to travel there for work later this year, which means she will get to meet Uncle Todd, Aunt Amy and other Phoenix family! I can't wait!!!

Last night, we took Dani to the city's municipal golf course clubhouse to meet David, Gail, and a bunch of peeps. Wasn't sure how Dani would do in a large, somewhat noisy open space, but we gave it a try. Two minutes in, before Big Man had even made it in from parking the car, the bottom lip was out and quivering. So, I strolled her around to a quieter spot, Big Man came in, a few tears were shed, but Dani did okay. She really needs to be around someone for awhile before she will let them hold her. Well, obviously, she has no control over who holds her, but she will scream and cry if she's unhappy about it. When she was really little she would let anyone pick her up and do anything. Now, if it's not mommy or daddy, be prepared for some tears, and screams. I am determined to remedy this, so I told Big Man we need to take her more places, and have her around more people. Truly, mommy needs this too! I love the Big Man and my little bean, but I need, need, need to be around people more socially.

Within around 20 minutes, Dani was cool with Gail holding her. Gail held her for an hour while mommy enjoyed cosmos, and we ate burgers and wings, just like grownups. Here's Daddy, trying to coax a burp out of Dani, with Gail's encouragement:

In other news, Dani's growing like a weed. She's really getting big and so long--looks like she won't be a midget like me! Grandma McGhee is coming to town in two weeks for a visit. We're planning a Michigan-Chicago road trip in May, and working on the conception of baby number two; stay tuned for news on that. She loves the jumparoo, and it's just another place for me to take a million pics!

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Jackie said...

hey she doesn't cry when I hold her!!!