Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dani's first fruit and mommy's golden shower.

Earth's Best Organic First Bananas $0.65
Plastic baby bowl $1.99.
Capturing the look on Dani's face the first time she tried fruit: PRICELESS!

In other news, Dani slept in the porta-crib last night! She was definitely getting way too big for the bassinet, but we weren't ready to commit to assembling the crib since she's still pretty little, and the thought of someday disassembling it to move is a huge deterrent. So, we busted out the porta-crib, and set it up in her room. Big Girl!

And finally, the great diaper debacle. We were really low on Luvs. I went to Hannaford to pick up some diapers, as the replacements from weren't here yet. I was armed with a huggies coupon, and determined to get the smallest package possible. I examined the diapers, and the huggies 48 pak was $10.99, but the Hannaford Premium 48 pak was only $6.79. I thought, hey, store brand stuff is pretty good, and these even say that they arepremium diapers. They will be fine. Right? Anyone?

The fact that the kid on the package wasn't even cute, or happy looking for that matter, should have tipped me off. If an unhappy, unattractive baby is the best you can get with your advertising budget, maybe it's time to put the product development on hold.

I came home, and thought I would try one out, so I held it in my hand and poured some water in. It was definitely a different style, with none of the wicking qualities and no gel. (for you non parents and old folks like my Dad, modern diapers are made with awesome chemical properties and rarely ever feel wet--there is some magic stuff in there that turns the baby pee to gel.) Still fine I figured, we just wouldn't put her in them for the overnight, but the short term daytime diapering would be okay for a few days. (And, secretly I was already calculating how much money I would save on diapers if I always bought the store brand!) So, I diaper Dani up, lay her down and she takes a brief nap. When she wakes up, it is on to the changing table; diaper is dry. I know it's dry because I open it up and touch it, so the kid hadn't peed yet. So I refasten the diaper, snap her onesie and begin snapping up her sleeper. And then I feel the warm. Typically, when your kid pees in a diaper, you feel the diaper and it's warm. But this was a different warm, a wetter kind. Yep, the kid peed right through the diaper and all over herself and me. The other 46 are in the garbage. Stupid store brand diapers.

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Jackie said...

Should have returned them and gotten your money back...