Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long weekend.

It was a long weekend of political goings on. Dani was particularly happy and friendly at the events we took her to and Big Man was a good sport too. I won't bore you with more political pictures. Rather, here's Big Man, lifting Dani up (and down and up and down) for lots of giggles!

I was charged with the task of cooking dinner tonight, and thought I would grill. Being a charcoal grill novice, I heavily emphasized the "char" on the chicken and sausage--seriously, it was black. Good thing I made 5 chicken thighs and 6 sausage links, because once we cut off all the char there wasn't much left. Oops. Maybe I should leave grillin' to the Big Man.
My kid can now prop herself up, and roll herself to all degrees (up to about 178 degrees for you nerds) at will. Basically from her tummy she can flip to her back. From her back, she can roll to her tummy, but she keeps her top knee bent so she isn't flipped over all the way. Here's her, propped up like a big girl--all she needs is a cordless phone in her hands!
Dani has been super fun these days. I'm really starting to feel comfortable in this whole mom-ness. I'm sure I'm not supposed to actually admit that it was kind of a relief to be back at work, when I went back--I know that having Daddy at home during the day made the transition easier! But, now Dani is happy, almost all the time, and smiley, and fun and giggly, and it's just so much fun.

I'm not pregnant yet. Found out the old fashioned way that I wasn't pregnant on Friday, so we will mark the calendar and try again in May.
Big Man's mom is flying in tomorrow for a week! She's going to have so much fun with Dani!

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