Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Easter pics.

Dani got tired of being in her dress and tights. Well, maybe we got tired of dealing with it, so we put her in an awesome hand-me-down from my pal Janine! Here she is, chillin' before dinner.

Everyone had lots of fun with her, and dinner was, of course, yummy. Aunt Renny made tasty lamb shanks, turkey and fabulous pies! Here, Uncle John's giving Dani the once-over.

And, to show she's a big girl, Dani sits at the table, with Daddy's help, of course. However, she was ever so engaged in the conversation.

Mommy needs to get out of the habit of drinking too much when other people are paying attention to the baby! I never have free hands these days, but when I do, watch out. I suck!

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