Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This will have limited appeal.

This video is really, really, really, not of interest to most. Just me and Dani being silly for 2 minutes. ***If you have a delay or skips in the video, the trick is to hit play, the instantly pause, and wait for the long tube to the right of the play button to turn from white to light grey--at that point the video is downloaded and will run without skips, delay or buffering--then hit the play button. Seriously, unless your DNA is in my body, you will be utterly bored, and will never get these two minutes of your life back. That said--fire it up dad. Please enjoy the TV sound in the background! GAH!

This has been a batshit crazy week. Up super early to get to work and Dani situated. Working super late. Boss just left for vacay, so might have some peace Friday, when my secretary is also taking the day off. Need to get caught up on everything.

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