Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.

Old time is still a-flying; And this same flower that smiles today tomorrow will be dying. (Robert Herrick) So true.
How is it possible that just a few short months ago, Dani was this tiny, little fragile thing:

And now she is this strong, vibrant, smiley little person!

It is really becoming so much fun! We had some peas, sweet potatoes, and cereal this evening--and she's getting much better with the swallowing and not making such a mess. I did have to pull the bib out of her mouth every two seconds--I would be filling the spoon, and she'd be sticking the bib in her mouth to suck on it!

I am blissfully unaware of current affairs. I spoke to my mom tonight, and she asked me what the weather would be like for the Alzheimer's walk this weekend (no idea), if I heard about the new tattoo Barbie (nope) and what I thought of Joe Biden's comments this morning (are you kidding me? the closest I get to current is the newsweek magazine in my bathroom, so by next week, I should know what Joe Biden said today!) I am, however, aware that Elmo likes squares and puppies, and that Grover prefers rectangles, while Cookie Monster is more of a circle guy. At least that's what the shapes book I seem to read daily has taught me.

I don't miss the real world too much. I miss my friends and wish they'd come over at night more, as I'm usually stranded at home with a sleeping baby by 7pm, but that's about it.

Someone close to me, who wishes to remain nameless, is pregnant, and I'm looking forward to that! And, we are working on baby number 2. No word on that yet, but working on it when we ships passing in the night aren't too exhausted!

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debbyk said...

why would you intrigue people and not let them know who's preggers? haven't seen you in a while...i know you are busy, but the middle of may looks good for lunch - let me know what your schedule is...would love to see you and the little one.