Sunday, April 12, 2009

My First Easter, by Dani.

Hi! Dani here. First I'd like to lodge a formal complaint that mommy ate all the chocolate that grandma and grandpa sent and wouldn't give me ANY! And, I had to wear TWO different outfits today! Both were dresses!

Mommy and I got up early, and then we went to church. I was really good and only cried a couple of times when a bunch of ladies crowded around me. They were all really nice though, I just don't like when strangers get all up in my grill! This is the outfit I wore to church:
When we got home, I was hungry so mommy mixed some apples and cereal for me! It was yummy. I followed it up with a little bottle--I'm a growing girl you know!

Then, I took a nap. I hate naps. I try to let mommy know I don't want to nap by screaming, but she ignores me. So I eventually stop, and just pretend to sleep. I close my eyes and suck my thumb, and mommy actually believes I'm sleeping. Then a few minutes later, I start to make cute noises so she comes to get me. Man, I hope I'm smarter than mommy when I grow up.

When I got up, I had a bath. Mommy had a pretty Easter dress to put on and a sweater and bonnet. Apparently the bonnet was made for my daddy. He has three older brothers and was a March baby--I guess everyone thought he was going to be a little girl, so they made him an Easter hat and bonnet. Then he turned out to be a boy, so he never wore it. But grandma saved it for me!

I'm getting a little tired of having to look so cute all the time for pictures. Here's one--mommy kept trying to get me to look at her, but I was looking at the cat instead. The cat doesn't seem too interested in me, but I am sure when I can crawl we will be friends.

I was really getting tired of posing for pictures, so I figured if I gave mommy one really good smile, she'd let me get back to playtime. I was right. In a little while we are going to Aunt Renny's for Easter dinner. I will get to see all my cousins! Yay!

That's all for now folks. Mommy wants me to play with her so I have to go.

Love, Dani

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