Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crazy teething baby.

Dani is gnawing on everything she can get into her mouth. Her top and bottom gums are hot and you can feel the teeth trying to get out! She never takes her hands out of her mouth. Her cheeks are getting chapped!

At long last, here's Dani in her porta-crib! She looks so little in it, but it's about 2/3 the size of an actual crib, and it buys us time from not having to put the actual crib together. Every morning she wakes up so happy and smiley!

Happy Easter peeps! We are headed to Aunt Renny's for dinner tomorrow. Will probably take Dani to church in the morning. Have a super cute dress for her to wear...sleeveless, a gift (9mos size) from Shay, but will fit now. Will keep Dani warm with a knit bonnet and sweater that was made for Big Man--he's the 4th boy, and word is he was supposed to be a girl, as evidenced by the Easter bonnet and sweater made for him before birth! (He's a March baby.)

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