Saturday, August 2, 2008

Girls night out!

Last night, I went to the Police/Elvis Costello concert at SPAC, compliments of my friends Susan and Manfred who gave me the tickets. What a great night.
My friend Alicia and I went to dinner at Yhe Factory in Ballston Spa, a place I randomly passed a sign for, and it was great! Definitely have to go back there with the big man. After dinner we lef for the concert. For August, it was a great night, not really very hot, a perfect night for a concert. Growing up near SPAC, I have to estimate I've seen at a least 25 concerts there. I have NEVER seen a crowd that big. In fact, it was so hard to actually get there to park, we heard Elvis C from the car, which was a little bit of a bummer, because there are a couple songs of his that I LOVE...and once we got in some guy was on his cell saying, "Sting came out and sang with him." Elvis played a really short set, but we heard him on the walk in. Even once we were inside and situated on our blanket about 8:15pm, people were still streaming in, apparently having the same problem with Racetrack/Concert traffic that we did.
The Police rocked. It was so nice to be outside on a summer night listening to good music and people watching. Great night. Alicia bought a really cool army-style Police hat.

Alicia, rocking out, above. I don't think I've smelled weed in was everywhere! Always a SPAC fixture, but still, amusing for this pregnant lady, don't worry, no contact buzz (baby's first doobie?)!


Vandelay said...

I love outdoor concerts in the summer. I'm going to see Neil Diamond at Fenway Park in a few weeks on my tenth wedding anniversary. I'm guessing I won't be blessed with that wonderful scent the way you and your fetus were though.

B, Esq. said...

Love Neil Diamond.

Hate the Red Sox too much to ever set foot in Fenway, though.

Probably not too much herb in the indoor stadium, but I am sure that they will make up for it with $10 beers! :)