Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Offer is in.

Kill me now. I just put in an offer on a raised ranch with popcorn ceilings.
Really just faxed our signed offer to the realtor.

Am I crazy?

I bought ten moving boxes at the UPS store to de-clutter, lest we have a signed contract this week. Oh, and the realtor is coming over to list the house and take photos on Sunday. Have you seen my house?

Let's just say, I'm good at clutter. Not so good on organizing, and keeping things neat.

Did I mention we have dinner plans tomorrow, and I have a trial in City Court on Thursday night? So, we're talking marathon packing/cleaning, etc. Saturday and Sunday AM. Good thing I have so much energy these days, and I'm in tip-top shape, lithe and coordinated, not pregnant and exhausted or anything. These days, I feel like a T-Rex. Like my belly is getting big enough that it is making my arms feel short. I have to turn sideways to get stuff out of the washing machine with my little T-Rex arms. Frustrating! So dusting and packing and stuff should be extra easy!
But, looks like we are within a day or two of knowing whether we are buying or staying put. Well kind of. Our offer's contingent on the sale of our home. But we are going to list it low to get it sold. Good thing the housing market's so good now. Yeah, great market to be a seller these days so there should be no problem, right?

Anyway, I'm convinced that we're on a good roll, and that it will just work.

Talk to me on Sunday when I've finished scrubbing toilets, and see if I still think so.


andromeda said...

i hope you get your house!!!

popcorn ceilings are easy to remove...without the t-rex arms i suppose. good luck!

Vandelay said...

That looks almost exactly like my house, except there's a garage in the bottom left and the front door is red.

What are popcorn ceilings?

B, Esq. said...

Popcorn ceilings are a creation of the 80s...where they blew a styrofoam like ball thingie into the ceiling paint to give it a textured look. Honestly looks like someone glued popcorn to the ceiling!