Saturday, September 20, 2008

From Russia with Love

Gotta love the Russians.
Apparently they didn't take too kindly to Sarah Palin's comment that we might have to invade them if they mess with Georgia again. I don't think I've seen the term "guttersnipe" used in this century, but definitely chuckle-worthy:

Had another open house woman's been back THREE times. She needs to pull the flippin' trigger and buy my house!

Home with the Big Man (who has tonight off!) watching the Cubs, who, with either a win today or a Brewers loss, will clinch the division. They could go all the way. I'm still pushing to name our kid after a Cub if they win the world series, but now that it looks like its a girl, Big Man doesn't think it's a good idea. I'm still game for Aramis as a middle name, heck, if they win the world series, we could name her Piniella for all I care (middle name)!

Funny story from Big Man's job:
He's been re-training an officer who has not spent much time on patrol to get him ready to get back on the road. Last week, there was a domestic call, and the guy Big Man is training drives up to find the woman who called, in the street, naked as a jaybird. From years of Big Man's stories, I have learned that cops see LOTS of naked people, which Big Man describes generally as "its never good naked". However, apparently this woman was a hottie (Big Man had the night off, so he didn't actually see it, just heard about it). In any event a few days later, Big Man responds to another domestic at the same address, but this time the dude's calling, saying he's been stabbed. Big Man and guy he's training (who saw the naked hottie at the first call) respond, and stabbed dude tells them that he doesn't need their help anymore. When asked who else was in the apartment, stabbed dude tells them only his sister (Big Man suspects it is the formerly naked complaintant). Big Man brings trainee in the apartment to see the "sister" to determine whether it's the girlfriend who stabbed dude called to complain about. Trainee tell Big Man that he's not really sure, it might be, but he didn't really pay much attention to her face the first time!

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Andromeda said...

awesome. you know, i really don't think cops are quite as observant as they would like us to believe sometimes! especially when there are mitigating factors like hottie nakedness.

not the SAME thing but - i used to work at a cafe and on wednesday afternoons we typically had a lot of officers come in. being young, cute and single, my friend and i would flirt with all of them. we made these necklaces that read "I *heart* my cops". we wore them every wednesday. about 3 of them noticed with in the first few months, most of them never did! the funniest thing was that all the different departments had this little contest going on between them to see who could put the most pins on our aprons. it's not like they weren't looking in the general area of our necks/chests. AND they couldn't see much cleavage, so i really don't know what their excuse was.

hmm...i should try to find all those pins.

(eeks! this comment got long!)