Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Leaving on jet plane.

Posting might be light for a few days.

Headed to the baby doc first thing Thursday, then to NC to visit the folks and my best pal G! Hopefully baby doc won't have any problem with me flying. Should be fine because I have 10 weeks to go. If not, well, I checked Delta's website today and they don't require a doctor's note at any stage in the pregnancy, so I'm going no matter what.

Returning Sunday. But I'll take lots of pics and will post next week.

Got two big ol' packages from Kohls.com today. My super-cool bro sent me a birthday gift card, so I bought lots o' baby stuff. The cutest is a cool mist humidifier that looks like a frog. Big Man asked whether babies need humidifiers. I told him yes. Truthfully, I have no idea, but it's really cute, and isn't that really the most important thing? Also got a pirate outfit (ARRR!) and dinosaur pajamas. What I should have gotten was a ninja outfit, because it feels like there's a ninja in my belly.

I let the lady who works at the coffee shop that I go to every morning (yes, I still drink coffee) rub my belly today (briefly). She asked nicely so I had to say yes. Suckas who cop a feel without asking will still be facing the wrath, though.

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