Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The joys of football season.

Big Man is having his live fantasy football draft tonight. Every year, he rejoins the league that he was in with his police partners in Michigan. It's a big to-do of phone call and rankings and pre-draft preparation. I know he misses his best friend/former detective partner a ton, and he looks forward to this every year.

The draft is live via computer, and everyone but him is at one house in Michigan, having a draft party and posting their choices live on the computer, which Big Man can watch and then make his picks when it's his turn. Somebody remind me that next year it would be a cool surprise to fly him out for the draft. A blog I love (airing of grievances) has a guy that flies from Arizona to Florida every year for a fantasy football draft, and NY to Michigan is like half the distance!

Anyway, Big Man gets this look. On rare occasions. When he's really jazzed. Like a kid in a candy store, only cuter. He has popped downstairs a few times to grab a pop or a snack since the draft began, and fills me in on his picks, Bears defense because he reconsidered and thinks there's no reason that they shouldn't be great this year...and he just has this light in his eyes because he's happy and excited, and it just makes me melt.

Somebody remind me next summer to conspire with his buddy and plan a surprise trip for him!


Vandelay said...

Oh sweet. I was hoping this idea would catch on. I'm forwarding this staright to my wife.

Maine said...

Yeah, my wife didn't mind me flying to Florida, but keep in mind... next year, she gets to go to Vegas with her girls.

Quid pro quo.

B, Esq. said...

I like the quid pro quo idea; maybe I'll make him bring the baby with him. (Baby's first draft?)