Friday, June 26, 2009

I always thought he was kinda swishy.

Elmo that is. Emphasis on the mo.

My theory is if you ever see a book called "Balls!" you should buy it for your child.

Apparently, our little friend Elmo likes balls.

That's right, Elmo's thinking about balls. Balls of all shapes and sizes. He likes to juggle small ones.
I am incapable of reading this book to Dani because it makes me laugh. Big Man thinks I'm childish. It's not my fault Elmo has a thing for balls.

I let Dani play with a carrot when I was making my salad this morning. They are one of her favorite foods, but she didn't seem to like the taste raw. Obviously she couldn't really eat it, but I thought she'd suck on it or something, but not so interested. In other morning news, we had a little bit of an accident with the prunes.

I was giving Dani some prunes this morning, and she was loving them like she always does. She stuck her hand in her mouth, and without thinking, I left the room to grab the baby wipes. Yep, left the container of prunes on the shelf of her high chair. She grabbed it, poured prunes on herself, flinging the spoon onto the floor and getting prunes everywhere. But, you know what prunes look like, right? Yep, looked like someone flung poop all over my kitchen. Fun times in the B household this morning. I use about 1,000 wipes to clean the baby, and myself, and the cabinets, etc. There was even prunes on the baby wipes container from my pruny hands, which I had to clean off, because it would have been super gross if they dried on the white wipes container and it would look like we had poopy hands and got poop all over the wipes...which wouldn't be a big deal because we would know it was prunes, but when people came over and saw it, they'd probably talk about us behind our backs because they'd think it was poopy and that we were dirty birds.

Big Man said it was all my fault. I just figured she'd be distracted by her thumb and not notice the attractive nuisance right in front of her. Oops.

I did score some video cuteness this morning, pre-prune incident.


Jackie said...

She is too cute for words.

B, Esq. said...

Aww, thanks Auntie Jackie!