Monday, June 22, 2009

Latest trick.

We had another couple over for dinner tonight, and they brought their 8 week old. Dani was so enthralled with the baby! I, on the other hand, feared the baby. I literally can't remember when Dani was that small. I tried to hold the little baby, and was reminded to hold the kid's head, and then promptly gave the baby back to her more capable mommy. Man, I suck!

Not much to see here, just a sweet tummy time pic:
No news here--Big Man's been off, so it's been nice to have someone around (and awake)! Dani is just SO HAPPY!!!
I am going to head to CT to surprise my grandma for her 89th birthday on Saturday. She's never met Dani, so it should be a good time. And, at the very least, it will be an interesting road trip!

Dani has a new trick:

It seriously gets more fun every day.

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Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to Grandma!!! Love the videos!!!