Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can I get a "cool wife"? Hells yeah!

So, I'm making good on my pledge from last year,-- (for the record, see http://betsyboothhill.blogspot.com/2008/09/joys-of-football-season.html for my post) when I pledged to plan a trip for Big Man for the fantasy football draft in Michigan in 2009.

AND, I've been working with Mason, his best friend and league manager, to begin to plan the trip.....Big Man has been informed. But hells yeah, he's going to Michigan for his fantasy football draft. I have enough miles for him to fly to Detroit, and he can rent a car and spend a few days. I'm should get extra cool points because the conversation today reflected my okay-ness with the fact that this trip will mean he's in Michigan on my birthday, and I'm okay with that. (Now if I can only get him to take the baby....hee hee.)

Anyway, on to baby shizzle.

Dani had her 6 month visit yesterday.
Here's the stats:
She is 15 pounds, 12 ounces.
She is 26.5 inches long. (and cute as hell!)

To compare, I pulled out my baby book. My mom has been suggesting that I do this for awhile.
So, here's the comparison so far:
B, Esq., v. Spawn of B, Esq.

Apparently, I had a 7 month visit and not a 6 month visit, but at that time, I was 27 inches long, and a whopping 17 pounds, 6 ounces. (Dani gets the win; svelte baby!)

I, too was a late teether, getting my first tooth at 9 months, on Father's day, 1974. (Still undecided; Dani has 8 weeks to pull ahead of mommy!)

I was saying "hi" at 7 months, and "da da" at 8 months. (Still undecided, although Dani laughs when mommy tries to get her to make sounds, preferring the vampire hiss, or her latest, snorting, a silly laughing snort!)

Cuteness factor: Dani wins by a longshot! Looking at my newborn photos, it's not even close. (Trust me.)

Turning over: Back in the olden days (1973) I think the rule of thumb was babies on their tummy, so turning over meant flipping onto their backs. Now, the rule of thumb is babies on their backs, so turning over means flipping onto their tummies. So, I was almost 3 months when I did some kind of flip in my sleep. Dani was only 7 weeks old when, during tummy time, she flipped onto her back. (Win goes to Dani.)

First crawl: According to my baby book, "6 months still kind of drag my big belly but I sure get what I'm after". Dani still is only capable tummy swimming, but can cover a bit of distance on her back making neck bridges. (Mommy wins--big baby tummy and all)

Sitting up: Dani can kind of sit up, topples over in like 2 seconds without support. My baby book reports that I first sit up at 6 months-ish but need to lean and need help. Not mastered by mommy until 7 1/2 months. (Odds on favorite is Dani)

Sleeping through the night: Apparently at 6 weeks I started sleeping from 6pm to 6am (much like Dani now) (Win without even looking it up: mommy) Perhaps I had an unfair advantage, as you will see below:

The one category that I "beat" Dani in (although beat is not the appropriate word) is eating (and sleeping). Now, my mom got pregnant about 4 seconds after I was born or something (silly old wives' tale about not being able to get pregnant while breastfeeding), so I knew that after about 3 months I would have had to be eating whatever passed for formula or baby food in the 1970s.....however, I looked at the ol' baby book and actually had to CALL MY MOM. In the "my firsts" section, it reads:
"9/20 - my first cereal - rice - undecided about it and the spoon it comes in"
"10/10 - bananas were my first fruit - just loved them"
"10/13 - liked my first orange juice too!"
And my personal fave:
"10/21 my first lollipop - sure was good - given to me by my sweet toothed Aunt Barbra - who else?"
"3 months 12/12 I'm on all baby foods - meats, etc. -whole milk"


So, I called my mom to ask how the HECK she fed a 10 day old baby rice cereal???? Baby food meats at 3 months??? A 6 week old baby stage 1 bananas??? (I thought I was early with Dani at 3 months!) Juice??? Juice at 5 weeks? (Dani's never had juice at 6 months!) She said it was different then and you used to feed your baby really early, and the rice cereal was watery or something. Holy fucky fuck, I guess it is true, babies bounce! I mean babies are pretty durable, like berber carpet. Obviously, things have changed--and Big Man and I have gotten shit for letting Dani try a finger full of various things (frosting, maple syrup, etc.) and all the while, 30 years ago, babies were eating all kinds of shit, with the doc's blessing and turning out okay!

So, I need to just chill.

Time for Dani to eat a chicken wing or something. Because, short of dropping them on their heads, babies can turn out okay!

But I digress. My kid's 6 months old, and she loves to snuggle with her Elmo, and her loveys when she sleeps. All signs point to girly girl...

Oh, and a silly video from the weekend where she had some crazy tongue action going on!

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