Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why women and children should not travel alone.

Exhibit A:
This occurred while we were on I-84 just west of Southbury, Ct. It was about 11:30am, and traffic was heavy and whizzing by. It was hot. I called AAA and told them I was stranded with a baby, hoping like hell the baby part would make them hurry. No dice. Not a single person stopped to help the lady squatting in the grass with a baby in a stroller. The cops didn't even show up, despite AAA's assurance they'd been called. We were stranded for an hour.

Now, for the embarassing part that because I have no shame I will share with the universe...I had to pee. Bad. We were pretty close to my Aunt's house, and if we had been driving, I would have made it, but I couldn't wait. So, I was left with the dilemma of walking the baby into the woods and trying to hold her while I peed, or something else. I picked the else. I have a 4 door car, and opened both doors, so I'd have some privacy, and just peed on the road. (It was an emergency, I swear.) The bad thing is that I was so nervous that a cop or the tow truck would pull up that I peed all over my right foot, soaking my shoe, and certainly adding insult to injury. So, then I had to bust out the antibacterial wipes and wipe myself down, feet, shoes, hands, etc...and still no tow truck--I was convinced that they would pull up mid-squat to add to my humiliation, but no such luck. An hour later, we were back on the road! I ultimately needed a new tire, which my Uncle Dickie was kind enough to procure for me.

When I got to Auntie Barbara's, Gram still didn't know I was coming. Dani and I walked out to the patio and she was so surprised!!!

She turned 89 today, and is still going strong! She had a great time with Dani, who was way fussier than usual. Hot, hungry, tired, the whole shootin' match. My entire Connecticut family came over and it was great to see everyone. Here's Gram and Dani:

Gram enjoying our off key rendition of "Happy Birthday"And Auntie Barbara who had so much fun with Dani!
I didn't have as much time to spend with them as I would have liked due to the car incident and some late afternoon fussiness which was a sign that getting on the road would be a good idea sooner than I'd planned, but all told, a great visit. Happy Birthday Gram.

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debbyk said...

Oh my...maybe next time mommy diapers too? I am surprised no one stopped to help you though...glad everything worked out OK.