Thursday, June 18, 2009

I can haz bookz?

Dani is really getting into (tolerating my constant reading of) the board books. We read them morning and night. She even tries to hold them, and has a baby obsession with Elmo. I am convinced that Elmo may be the first word she utters and actually understands. The kid is seriously crushing on Elmo.

In other news, Dani has begun to babble. She did it for the first time (in my presence) last night. I learned two things: she has done it before and Big Man DIDN'T tell me. He said she's broken out with some ma ma and some ba ba prior to yesterday. I have to confess I'm kind of glad that he didn't tell me because then when she did it in front of me I didn't feel like I missed it. (Thank you Big Man. You always get to see the stuff first! But, I'm glad you let me do it too.) The second thing I learned is that Dani recognizes the camera and focuses on it when she sees it...little ham just like her mommy! Thank God she's abandoned the baby hiss!

Behold the babble:

Finally, I'm on my county's SPCA Board of Directors, and they were having a wine tasting tonight. I decided to bring Dani because I needed to show up, even if I couldn't really help much. It was going to be her first big, crowded event, and she did great! I brought the baby carrier, and had her face me, because people have a tendency to get all up in a baby's grill, and sometimes Dani isn't a fan of that, and I figured if the people or noise bothered her, she would be facing me, and calm...she spent the entire 90 minutes we were there trying to turn around to see everything! She could not get enough of the people and was so smiley and happy. Hoping she'll be a social butterfly like mommy! It was really fun, except mommy didn't taste any wine, because something felt wrong about walking up to tasting tables with a baby strapped to me!

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