Sunday, June 28, 2009

Social butterflies.

Some sucker mommy took her kid to disneyworld and spend a crapload of cash on an authentic Minnie Mouse dress--I picked it up at a garage for $1 a few weeks ago. Cuteness!!!

Dani and I were social butterflies today. We went to Congressman Tonko's birthday fundraiser, saw a ton of old friends, and Dani was super fun and happy!

And then we went to a graduation party for Rusty Decker, where Dani also had fun--she saw lots of kids, and got lots of attention because she was the only baby! I brought a blanket so she could have some fun on the lawn.

When I got home I was so sore and tired--holding a 16 pound baby for hours really does a number on an out of shape girl like me. I am so sore as I type, not my arms, or legs, but my abdomen--I feel like I just had a c-section. Ugh.

But enough whining. When I got home I was talking to Big Man and told him that every time I get Dani out of the pack-n-play, I try to have her stand for a minute or two and hold the rail, but she has yet to figure out the holding herself up part. Big Man says, "She does it for me all the time." He then picks her up, and we walk to the pack-n-play and, lo and behold, the kid stands and holds herself up! (Look at her beaming at Daddy!)

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