Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sitting and standing and all that jazz.

OK all you curious ones, as you can see, the reason that I can't reveal Big Man's identity is because he is actually Green Lantern:

Apparently baby boot camp is paying off. Dani is now able to sit, having demonstrated it for me yesterday, to my amazement, and Big Man said, "she's been doing that for a while, she just topples over a lot". Since he didn't write it in her BABY BOOK, how was I to know? For a while she has wanted to stand, stand, stand. She is always kicking and jumping and wanting you to hold her upright. So, if you hold her hands, she can stand for a bit.
(Janine--recognize the outift? thanks!)
These pics don't look great--taken on the blackberry. Speaking of the blackberry, it only holds like 15 photos. So, I went to the Sprint store on Saturday to try to get a memory card for it. It is often the camera I have handy, and I refuse to delete the early-Dani photos I have from her birth. The woman at the Sprint store took a look at my phone, and it actually has a 1GB memorcy card in WTF with the no memory??? She gave it a once over and we changed the settings to save the pics to the card and not the internal memory, so I'm good to go! Thank you Sprint store manager (who I actually went to high school with, though she was a few years younger than me) for not ripping me off!

Prunes are yummy. Prunes with apples, even better. Waiting for the projectile pooping.

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